Determination of Case Merit

Medical record organization, chronology, review, and analysis are essential components to the delineation of case facts and the determination of case merit. Through utilization of Roughan & Associates at LINC, Inc.’s specific medical/legal review process, critical gaps and/or reporting omissions, as well as overlooked and/or improperly handled patient symptoms are identified and described in respect to standard of care. Roughan & Associates at LINC, Inc. professionals then consult with the referring attorney to discuss case elements (e.g., merit, etc.) and assist with determination of the appropriate course of action.

The following services/products are available:

Expert Testimony: Damages/Reasonableness of Past Meds

Life Care Planning / Life Care Plan (opposing expert) Critique

Mini/Preliminary Life Care Plan/Cost Projection for Mediation/Settlement Conference

Expert Witness Identification

Medical Record Review/Analysis/Impression/Organization/Summarization

Video Services (Day in the Life; Settlement Documentary/Brief; IME Evaluation; NDT / PT Evaluation; etc.)

Medical Bill Auditing/Reasonableness Analysis

Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) Attendance

Questions: Deposition/Cross Examination

Medicare Set Aside Trust Analysis